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The practice of law is broken. Smart, talented lawyers often work day and night to support fancy offices and partner’s income. Clients know they are paying for the polished conference rooms and designer suits, while associates are missing birthdays and dance recitals to pay the rent and support lifestyles of other lawyers. None of these expenses make the world a better place for clients or lawyers. 

Blackgarden Law (BGL) was founded to make the experience of law better for clients and lawyers. Our offices are simple but functional. By keeping our overhead modest our rates can remain reasonable but sustainable. Furthermore, we are focused on a few core areas of business law, which helps us provide predictable and expert counsel. Our practice is built on a foundation of strong relationships with clients. 

BGL is a boutique trademark, corporate and securities firm with offices in Albuquerque and Phoenix. We work with closely held businesses of every type. While our firm has particular depth in several areas (craft beer and beverages, technology startups and emerging growth companies) we are truly experts in understanding the needs of each client and how they can best navigate their unique market challenges.  No matter your stage, we can help you start, finance, grow and protect your dream.

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Areas of Practice



Your brand is the greatest asset created by your business. All the reputation, successes and relationships developed by an organization are contained within its brand. BGL helps you choose, protect and maintain your brand assets in a world where distinction and authenticity are endangered species. 


Craft Beer and beverages

The craft beer industry has exploded, due to the devotion by its leaders to producing local, unique and authentic experiences. BGL is proud to represent leaders and newcomers in the craft beer, spirits and related food markets. 



Every business entity is a creature of the law. It's structure, assets, relationships and growth are all dependent on a solid foundation of enforceable agreements and predictable transactions.  Blackgarden Law gives businesses of any size the tools they need to thrive in a complex and dynamic environment. 


startups, Tech and digital privacy

The startup and small business community is a dynamic and creative marketplace that requires legal advice from attorneys who understand the technicalities and culture of early stage and high growth enterprises. As part of this practice we have developed an expertise in website terms and privacy policies for new and established businesses.



Securities law is the intersection of investors, entrepreneurs and regulators. It is a critical and complex area of the law that maintains the delicate balance between the capital needs of businesses and protection of individuals who help grow the economy through investment of capital.   


investment entities

Investors come in all shapes and sizes. From funding your niece's software venture to building a fund that will put capital to work in many entities, we have the experience to provide guidance and practical counsel on fund structure and strategy.  Large or small, BLG will work with you clients to provide the optimal structure for the size of fund and your deployment goals.


It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win.
— John Paul Jones


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We jump through hoops for our clients.

We jump through hoops for our clients.